“Serving a Global Industry with Universal Standards” is the basis of our business approach.

Ever since the establishment of our enterprise in 2016, we have strived to keep dynamism a defining part of everything we do. We develop the best products and services for the future by analysing the needs and demands of each sector we serve. Our activities revolve around the concept of “trust”. Trust in people, trust in work, trust in production, trust in the product. Within the scope of these essential values, we know that we can lead our company to long-term success by “building trust” with all our business partners.

The first step we take in “Serving a Global Industry with Universal Standards” is prioritising the training and development of all our members of staff.

In this way, we improve our ability to do business and make more efficient use of available technologies. Following these guidelines, we believe that, in collaboration with our business partners in the global foam industry, we will be able to offer our customers outstanding products and services at competitive prices, whether that be directly from our factory or through one of our many global distribution partners.