• Light, comfortable and flexible.
  • Provides comfort and support due to its orthopaedic properties.
  • Prevents the formation or bacteria and fungus.
  • Compliant to health and safety standards.
  • Recovers after compression and holds its original shape.
  • Suitable for lamination with leather, artificial leather, and fabrics.
  • Easily shaped using heat.
  • Easy to clean using water.

Our range of FoamFleks EVA products offer a variety of uses in the footwear and apparel industry. They are an indispensable component of shoe sole and insole production.

Our products can be used as orthopaedic insoles for sports shoes, padding and support pads, soles for wedges, soles for slippers, soles for flipflops, hotel slippers and ready-made soles among many others.

Product Types:

  • 5-35 mm product thickness.
  • Packaged as rolls or plates upon request.
  • Production in various desired colours and densities.
  • Production in various desired patterns and shapes.