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Our range of FoamFleks EVA products offer a variety of uses in the footwear and apparel industry. They are an indispensable component of shoe sole and insole production. Our products can be used as orthopaedic insoles for sports shoes, padding and support pads, soles for wedges, soles for slippers, soles for flipflops, hotel slippers and ready-made soles among many others.


FoamFleks plays a critical role in ensuring your valuable products are delivered undamaged. We provide protection in the form of lightweight packaging solutions that prioritise aesthetics. Our portfolio of solutions serves many sectors ranging from industry to defence and electronics.

Railway, Aviation and Maritime

Our products flame-proof properties, in accordance with DIN-4102-B1 standards, in addition to their lightweight properties and high insulation values, allow them to be used for insulation and sealing purposes in railway, aviation and maritime vehicles.

Building and Construction

FoamFleks products provide versatile solutions for sound and heat insulation in underfloor applications between floors, common separator walls, roofs, underfloor heating systems and under parquet and continue to be materials of choice within the construction industry.

Sports and Leisure

We produce mats for various leisure activities that can be used for multiple forms of exercise and active sports activities.


Our FoamFleks EVA group products meet the needs of the automotive industry by providing high quality insulation that meets high standards and detailed requirements.


FoamFleks evaluates customer needs in the industrial field and aiming to provide products customized according to the requirements of the application. Areas in which FoamFleks is used in the industrial field are generally in white goods, the defence industry and electronics.


Second foam can be produced from a mixture of EVA, rubber and polyethylene raw materials or alternatively from 100% polyethylene raw material. This product group is used as a substitute for physically cross-linked polyethylene products, especially in the adhesive tape foam sectors, for surface applications that require high quality levels. We can produce thicknesses in the range of 1 mm - 100 mm and densities of 30 kgm³ and 55 kgm³.